The Kingdom of Ayudhya is the birthplace of Thailand. According to historical evidence, it indicates that it was established in the year of 1893, located on a clustered area along the Chao Phraya River and the Pasak River. There was the first king who created the city, the Prince of U-Thong, or the Royal Ramathibodi 1.

There was an assumption that Ayutthaya was probably the same city before. It is located on the east of the Pasak River, Phanan Choeng Temple area, because the old temple was probably built before 1893. [31] The next time, a heavy plague was made by God, the people who migrated over the Forest River for the creation of a new town in Nongsano or the present Rama and Ayutthaya area.

Ayudhya is a great kingdom, maintaining a thriving period of up to 417 years with the king of 33.5 Royal Palace The royal palace, Sukhothai dynasty, the Golden Castle of Ban Phlu Luang, from the central Ayutthaya area, is considered a major commercial city. The Western national growth is the center of Transportation between East and west. It is believed that there are many nationalities. Many religions live in the kingdom of Ayudhya, as the evidence Dahai the Prague.

In addition, the trading The Kingdom of Ayutthaya has also strengthened the war. The territory has been enlarged by various towns around the compass and making the kingdom or cities that have flourished previously, decreasing their role or size into King City. It was said that Ayutthaya was one of the greatest kingdoms ever formed in the region.

However, Ayuthaya had defeated the big war and lost it twice. The first occurred when the king of Taunu’s royal family in Burma. Rukkrung the military to announce the world since October 2111, the war lasted several months until August 2112, Ayutthaya was broken.

It lasted 15 years of time in the time of the Lord, and he was the king of Ayudhya, who was king until the Lord, death, in the 2524 King Naresuan (that was Viceroy Ayutthaya), so he saw that he would no longer be a city. He has done independence in the city of Le. In 2126, even after that, Burma would take the army to conquer Ayutthaya several times, but he failed until 2133 when the king of Death. Thus, the reign of King Naresuan. Make the Ayuthaya come back again.

Since the reign of King Naresuan. There are many times in the Kingdom of Ayudhya to win the throne. The dynasty of Sukhothai was transformed into the Golden Castle dynasty and Baan Phlu Luang, but never defeated in a massive war. It is a prosperous empire all over the world. 2nd Bangkok

Last King The 33 of Ayudhya is the King Yat, or the throne of the Amarin, which took place in 2301 later in the year 2308, began to be invaded from Burma enough until April in 2310, after being surrounded for a long time. The Burmese soldiers were raised by the bank. The city is heavily destroyed, and it is the greatest ending of the greater than 417 years.

At the 2nd Krung Road, Phraya Tak gathered his troops from the outer city, especially at Chanbour Trat and Thonburi. In the back of the city, I was in the state of the Burmese troops. Make Praya to choose a stronghold to build a new city. Crowned is King Taksin or King Rama IV established Thonburi.

When the Lord from sin Death Phraya Chakri is crowned to be the Buddha statue of the King of the World and established in Bangkok city. As of 2325, it was the beginning of the Rattanakosin period.

After entering the Rattanakosin period Ayutthaya or Old City has a status of rising. To reign at King Rama IV King, 2438, which has modified the new ruling to form a Thesaphiban county, it is the old city of Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Saraburi, Phra Phutthabat, Lopburi, Phrom Buri. In Buri and Sing Buri

In the age of change in the reign of the year 2475, the county of Ayudhya was discontinued, Ayutthaya became the province of Ayutthaya. Currently, there are 16 districts in the middle of the economy. While the old town or the central location of the kingdom of Ayudhya is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Since 2534.